Our Staff

Dr Emma Hall (she/her)

BVSc (Merit), BSc (Hons I)
Head Veterinarian 

Dr Emma Hall, also known as ‘The Wild Vet’ is our primary veterinarian and has over 15 years’ experience keeping birds and reptiles. In addition to being experienced treating dogs, cats and exotic pets, she has undergone extensive further education in exotic pet medicine and surgery, and has particular interests in surgery and cardiology.

Dr Emma graduated with first-class honours from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Marine Biology in 2011, before studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney and graduating with merit in 2016.

Since then, she has worked at several small animal and exotics clinics around Australia. Emma also has a keen interest in wildlife and spends her spare time tending to injured wildlife and mentoring wildlife carers, leading to her nickname ‘The Wild Vet’.

She is a strong animal rescue advocate. In addition to most of her pets being rescues, she has organised new homes for many unwanted pets or transported to no-kill shelters.


Dr Aimee Deaves (she/her)

BVSc (Distinct) BSc MMusStud

Growing up on the Northern Beaches working as a veterinary nurse it was Dr Aimee’s dream to become a veterinarian. So she bundled up the family (her husband Guy, running buddy Rogue, and Queen of the household – her royal highness Primrose Furedeen) and moved to Townsville in sunny North Queensland to study Veterinary Medicine. It is here she developed a keen interest in small animal surgery and exotic & wildlife medicine. 

Dr Aimee graduated from James Cook University at the end of 2022 with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Distinction and soon moved to southern NSW where she further developed her interest in exotics and wildlife, especially in backyard chickens. 

Dr Aimee is excited to further develop her skills and knowledge in all things avian, reptile, small mammal and wildlife medicine and looks forwards to getting to know the clients, staff and patients at The Wild Vet. 

On her days off you will find Dr Aimee kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding with her husband and Rogue at the river near their home as well as exploring new bush walks spying on all the wildlife. 


Dr Claire Fu (she/her)


Although born and raised in Sydney, Claire studied at James Cook University in Townsville and graduated with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2020 with a keen interest in exotics. She moved to Brisbane for another 2 years after graduating, where she practiced in a small animal clinic in sunny Queensland.

She has since returned back home to Sydney with her dog, cat and snake, and joined The Wild Vet to finally fulfil her exotics dream!

Claire has always wanted to be a veterinarian and has volunteered across 10 years at RSPCA, vet clinics, zoos, and a raptor rescue and rehabilitation.

In her spare time, Claire enjoys getting outdoors, staying active, and loves to travel.


Dr Jana Schader (she/her)

Locum Veterinarian

Stay tuned! Dr Jana’s bio is coming soon.


Liz Garling (she/her)

Cert IV Veterinary Nursing
Practice Manager

Liz has been the practice manager of The Wild Vet since October 2020. With over four years’ experience working in vet hospitals in Sydney and Melbourne, and a Certificate IV in veterinary nursing under her belt, Liz is an experienced addition to our team.

Although The Wild Vet is her first exotics practice, Liz immensely enjoys the huge variety of animals we see and treat every day. She loves being a part of such a fun and vibrant team that prioritises patient care and wellbeing.

Outside of work, Liz and her husband Sam have their hands full with their one-year old toddler, Zoe. Growing up with her three fur-siblings (a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Sunny, and two Domestic Shorthair rescue cats named Luna and Archer), she has already developed a love for animals just like her mum. 


Kelsie Morris (she/her)


Stay tuned! Kelsie’s bio is coming soon.







Kylie Walker (she/her)

Cert IV Veterinary Nursing
Veterinary Nurse

Kylie has a love of all things feathery, fluffy, furry and scaly.

She began her career mainly focusing on dogs and cats until one day a baby noisy minor came into her clinic. She took responsiblity to feed and care for the minor until WIRES could come to collect. She fell in love! So began her desire to work with more feathery friends and the focused shifted to the more exotic side of the veterinary industry.

Now her days are filled with befriending not just dogs and cats, but bunnies, guinea pigs, rats, snakes, bearded dragons, turtles, ferrets, fish, birds and wildlife.

She has 2 wonderfully cheeky Quakers of her own; Joeblee & Magoo, and one delightful sprite, Jeepers the caique, who you might just meet when you visit the clinic. 

Angelina De Meo (she/her)

Veterinary Nurse

Stay tuned! Ange’s bio is coming soon.

Kirsty Dewhurst (she/her)

Veterinary Nurse

Kirsty is an RCVS Registered Veterinary Nurse from the UK, come to live in beautiful Australia!

She has a degree in Veterinary Nursing and additional certificates in Exotic, Wildlife and Zoo Vet Nursing. Most recently, she helped the World Aquatic Veterinary Medial Association (WAVMA) to develop and become certified in Aquatic Veterinary Nursing.

She has over ten years experience as a veterinary nurse, 4 years small animal and farm work, and 8 years experience in exotic, wildlife and zoo work. As well as working at The Wild Vet Part time, my full time job is as a Veterinary Nurse for Sealife Sydney and Wildlife Sydney Zoo on Darling Harbour.

Back in the UK, I trained for 4 years at a small animal and farm practice whilst at University. Once graduated I moved to an Exotic Referral Hospital for 7 years, 5 of which I was Head Exotic Veterinary Nurse. Whilst at the exotics hospital I worked with a wide variety of exotic animals, as well as being contracted to several local zoos and Sealife centre.

I endeavour to educate myself and others by attending and also giving lectures at several veterinary nurse conferences and universities.

On a personal note I enjoy being outdoors hiking, swimming at the beach or a waterfall, snorkelling, scuba diving. I have participated in several obstacle course type fitness runs to raise money for several different animal based charities. I also like to cook, go to the cinema, theme parks or generally make the most of my days off doing some form of social activity with friends.

Mia Downey-Colefax (she/her)

Veterinary Nurse

Stay tuned! Mia’s bio is coming soon.

Taylah Dolly (she/her)

Veterinary Nurse Student

Stay tuned! Taylah’s bio is coming soon.

Cathie Hall (she/her)

Puppy Preschool Coordinator / Human Cardiac Sonographer

Commencing early 2024, Cathie will be running our puppy preschool courses. Having over 20 years experience in surf lifesaving education, she has crossed over to the world of animals, and is putting her teaching experience to use with pets.

Cathie is a lifelong animal lover who keeps busy with her feathered grandson, Apollo (Dr Emma’s blue & gold macaw).

Contact us for more information on puppy school commencement dates – Cathie can’t wait to meet her first class of puppy students!

Norman (he/him)

Veterinarian, Security Guard

Stay tuned! Norman’s bio is coming soon.

Nugget (he/him)

Veterinary Nurse, Mental Health Officer

Stay tuned! Nugget’s bio is coming soon.

Apollo (he/him)

Pet Shop Decorator, Client Hat Inspector

From the moment Apollo, our spirited 3-year-old Macaw, arrived at our hospital, it was clear that he had a flair for the dramatic. Not content to simply blend into the background, Apollo demands attention with his endearing antics and playful demeanour. 


He loves to greet new people with an excited ‘Hiiiiiiiiii!’ or ‘What You Doing?’, and can be inclined to throw the occasional tantrum if he feels left out. Luckily he can easily be pacified with a nut butter gumnut ‘dummy’, or with his favourite show: Rick and Morty.


Apollo has a keen interest in accessories, appointing himself the role of client hat and glasses inspector! But Apollo’s talents don’t stop there. With his keen eye for design, he loves nothing more than to climb on the pet shop shelves, rearranging items and occasionally “accidentally” knocking items onto the floor. While it may cause a bit of chaos, his antics never fail to bring a smile to the faces of staff and customers alike.


Despite his occasional diva moments, Apollo’s unique blend of charm and mischief makes him a valued member of the team.

Saffron (she/her)

Team Morale Officer

Saffron’s journey to our clinic began when she was surrendered by her previous owners. She quickly settled into clinic life, and earned the name ‘Saffron’ after her favourite cuisine: Indian food.


One of Saffron’s most endearing qualities is her penchant for wolf whistling at staff walking by. She’s also been known to let out adorable meows and make cute noises that keep the team entertained.

Sunny (he/him)

Security Guard, Canine Liaison Officer

Whilst being one of our more junior team members, Sunny the King Charles Cavalier is gradually taking on increasing amounts of responsibility at The Wild Vet.

His role primarily involves patient treat dispersion and filling both staff and client cuddle quotas, but you may see his smiling face on the reception desk every now and again.

Sunny is always up for belly rubs and ear scritches, and will never say no to a chicken treat or game of fetch. He also takes on a supervisory role of our practice manager, Liz, to ensure stock of treats never dwindles.


Our Commitment

To You

The moment you enter our clinic, your pet will be treated as a member of our extended family.

We endeavour to get to know you and your pets to the best of our ability, and their wellbeing is our number one priority. You can expect us to remember your pet’s birthday, when their vaccination and parasite prevention is due, how you like your coffee (or tea), and the names of your other family members. We understand that you lead a busy life, so we want you to know that we have your pet’s health needs covered.

We offer a personalised experience which is not offered by many veterinary clinics, not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Owners are involved in every aspect of your pet’s diagnostic workup and treatment plan, and we will equip you with detailed handouts so that you have a thorough understanding of all aspects of your pet’s illness. Upon hospital discharge, all test results are discussed in detail; and each pet is sent home with a discharge letter explaining all treatments your pet received.



To Your Pet

You may notice that our consultation process is different to most veterinary clinics. We have restructured our hospital to mimic that of human hospitals,  streamlining the consultation process and allowing your pet to be seen with minimal waiting time.

Our experienced nurses are trained to detect any serious illnesses, and to gain a thorough history of your pet. This will screen for emergencies, and ensure that the time spent with your chosen veterinarian is spent focusing  on the examination and diagnostics.

We believe in creating a fear-free space for your pet, and we understand that veterinary visits are often a stressful time for your pet. In order to minimise stress, we have taken several measures to ensure your pet feels as comfortable as possible during their visit. These measures include separate dog/cat/exotics waiting areas, an assortment of tasty treats to distract your pet during uncomfortable procedures, comfy bedding in hospital cages, and most importantly – lots of cuddles!


To The Environment


Paperless Practice

At The Wild Vet we are committed to minimising our environmental impact. Our clinic is almost entirely paperless, therefore all consent forms and receipts are completed digitally. If you would prefer a hard copy of any of your pet’s paperwork, we are happy to oblige – just ask one of our friendly staff!


Minimising Plastic Use

At The Wild Vet, we aim to minimise plastic use whenever possible. Medications are dispensed in environmentally-friendly packaging wherever possible, and our pet shop is stocked with products containing biodegradable packaging wherever possible