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Health check
From finches, to parrots, all the way through to chickens, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your bird’s husbandry, diet and psychological well-being. As well as this, a thorough physical examination by a veterinarian experienced with birds will be completed.

Avian Behavioural consultation
From hormonal changes to feather picking, our staff can spend time discussing the causes and formulating a plan for your success

Avicultural medicine

Nail clipping

Wing clipping
We require a consultation prior to performing this service to discuss if this is the best choice for your bird.

DNA Sexing

Chlamydia Psittaci (Psittacosis) Antibody and PCR testing
These tests provide evidence of exposure and/or presence of the bacteria. This is important in all new birds, or those that have been boarding.

Psittacine beak and feather disease virus (PBFDV) Antibody, antigen and PCR testing.
These tests provide a detailed assessment of exposure and presence of the virus. This is important in all new birds, or those that have been in contact with a suspected case.

  • Health check
    • We provide a comprehensive assessment of your rabbit’s husbandry, diet and psychological well-being. As well as this, a thorough physical examination by a veterinarian experienced with rabbits will be completed.
  • Dental management, grinding, and surgical correction
    • A common problem in rabbits, we are able to provide all services needed to correct dental issues that your rabbit may have.
  • Hospitalisation, intensive care, and surgery for gut stasis and ‘not eating’ cases
    • From early stage gut stasis cases through to emergency presentations of bloat, we are able to create a hospitalisation plan for your rabbit.
    • We work in partnership with local after hours/overnight clinics to provide continued high level care for your rabbit if they need monitoring outside of business hours
    • Surgical correction of obstruction or similar life threatening conditions can be done on site by our skilled surgeons.
  • Routine desexing (Spay or neuter)
    • Our approach is to put your rabbit’s safety first and to take steps to reduce anaesthetic and recovery risk to a minimum.
    • We do this by offering full health checks prior to booking, as well as diagnostic testing such as blood panels prior to surgery.
    • All spay or neuter surgeries are monitored by nurses experienced in rabbit anaesthesia and recovery, with special attention to preventing gut stasis on recovery
    • Surgery is performed by, or under guidance, by our experienced rabbit vets at all times. We focus on gentle tissue handling and use of local anaesthetic, as well as pre and post operative opiate pain relief. All rabbits will be sent home with ongoing pain relief to help their recovery.
    • In the majority of cases there are no stitches to remove.
  • Faecal testing and parasite screening
  • E. Cuniculi testing
  • Hospitalisation
    • With the use of a rabbit friendly environment and constant nurse care.
    • Daily veterinary assessment and update of treatment plans.
  • Surgery
    • Majority of surgical cases are performed on-site by veterinarians experienced in rabbit care, if a referral is required we can also assist with this process.

We want the best for your new pet, and pet ownership can be confusing for new pets. So, to show our dedication to maintaining the health of your new family member, we are offering a free nurse consultation and hospital tour.

During this consultation, we will examine your pet from nose to tail, discuss all the important aspects of health care for your new pet, and answer any questions you might have. We will discuss all of the important aspects of new pet ownership, including dental care, training, desexing, vaccinations, parasite prevention, grooming and nutrition.

We offer some of the latest technology to allow us to obtain results quickly – often within half an hour. Our in-house services are able to perform blood, urine and faecal tests, assess organ function, and flag any markers for significant disease on the spot.

For any results we are unable to obtain immediate results from, we offer to send them to our closest laboratory. This ensures that you receive results quickly, within 1-2 days in most cases.

Our theatre suite has undergone renovations to cater for all necessary surgical procedures. Our in-house vets are experienced with all routine soft tissue surgeries (and many non-routine), dentistry, desexing, microchipping, etc. All surgeries are monitored closely by an experienced anaesthetic nurse, with the latest anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

All patients have multimodal pain relief, intravenous surgical fluids and postoperative care included in the baseline surgery fee, to minimise their recovery time and minimise the risk of intraoperative/postoperative complications.

For complex or non-routine surgeries, we work closely with specialist veterinarians and in most cases can organise for your pet to be treated at our hospital, without expensive referral hospital fees.

Owners can be assured that each patient will be discharged with detailed discharge instructions, covering every aspect of their procedure and any queries you might have.

All post-operative checks and suture removal appointments are free of charge.

If your pet needs some time to rest and recuperate, our hospital facilities boast the latest technologies in a comfortable setting.

You may notice that dogs, cats and exotic pets have separate waiting areas and consultation rooms. This is extended to our hospital areas, where each group has separate areas – minimising stress and increasing patient comfort.





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