Health Checks

We provide a general check-up to ensure your pet is in tip-top shape and in working order.


Ensure your pet’s defenses against nasities are up to date to prevent any unneeded diseases.

Nail Clipping

Tired of waking to the sound of your pet walking around? We’ll keep those claws under control.


Avoid the risk of losing your loved one by ensuring that they are microchipped early.

House calls —discounted rate of $99* until clinic opening date—

Whether you don’t have transport for your pet, if your pet becomes stressed at the vet, if your pet is too old to easily be transported, or if you have too many pets to be transported at once; we are here to help. We aim to make every interaction with your pets ‘fear-free’, and offer many of the veterinary services available during a clinic consultation.

Home Euthanasia

During this sensitive time, we understand that the last thing you want is to transport your sick pet to the vet. Home euthanasias remove much of this stress, and allow you to say goodbye to your loved one in a comfortable, familiar environment.

We can organise for cremation at no extra charge, and will leave you to grieve in your own home with positive memories of your beloved pet’s final moments. All euthanasias include sedation, because we believe that all pets deserve the most peaceful and humane way to say goodbye.

Health Checks

In addition to a thorough physical examination, during every health check we will review all aspects of your pet’s health. This includes diet and weight, behaviour, activity levels, thirst and appetite, parasite prevention, and vaccination status.

As much as our pets would love to tell us what is wrong, often diseases are not detected until their next veterinary examination. For most animals, this is recommended yearly; and if a change is noted, more frequent health checks may be needed.

Vaccinations and Titre Testing

To prevent a number of deadly diseases in pet dogs and cats, multiple vaccines are routinely recommended. In most adult animals this means annual vaccinations to ensure they are fully protected. As each animal has individual requirements, we recommend that you discuss these with one of our friendly and experienced staff members.

While we want to ensure that your pet is protected against deadly diseases, we understand the concerns associated with over-vaccinating. Which is why we offer antibody titre testing alongside (or instead of) vaccinations. Our in-house laboratory can check your pet’s immune status and have the results ready in the same amount of time a vaccination takes. Based on these results, we may recommend vaccination, or if the results show adequate protection, rest assured you can postpone vaccination until the following year.

New puppies/kittens

We want the best for your new pet, and pet ownership can be confusing for new pets. So, to show our dedication to maintaining the health of your new family member, we are offering a free veterinary consultation and hospital tour. 

During this consultation we will examine your pet from nose to tail, discuss all the important aspects of health care for your new pet, and answer any questions you might have. We will discuss all of the important aspects of new pet ownership, including dental care, training, desexing, vaccinations, parasite prevention, grooming and nutrition.

Laboratory Testing

We offer some of the latest technology to allow us to obtain results quickly – often within half an hour. Our in-house services are able to perform blood, urine and faecal tests, assess organ function, and flag any markers for significant disease on the spot.

For any results we are unable to obtain immediate results from, we offer to send them to our closest laboratory. This ensures that you receive results  quickly, within 1-2 days in most cases.


Our theatre suite has undergone renovations to cater for all necessary surgical procedures. Our in-house vets are experienced with all routine soft tissue surgeries (and many non-routine), dentistry, desexing, microchipping, etc. All surgeries are monitored closely by an experienced anaesthetic nurse, with the latest anaesthetic monitoring equipment. 

All patients have multimodal pain relief, intravenous surgical fluids and postoperative care included in the baseline surgery fee, to minimise their recovery time and minimise the risk of intraoperative/postoperative complications.

For complex or non-routine surgeries, we work closely with specialist veterinarians and in most cases can organise for you pet to be treated at our hospital, without expensive referral hospital fees.

Owners can be assured that each patient will be discharged with detailed discharge instructions, covering every aspect of their procedure and any queries you might have.

All post-operative checks and suture removal appointments are free of charge.


If your pet needs some time to rest and recuperate, our hospital facilities boast the latest technologies in a comfortable setting. 

You may notice that dogs, cats and exotic pets have separate waiting areas and consultation rooms. This is extended to our hospital areas, where each group has separate areas – minimising stress and increasing patient comfort.

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital radiography, ultrasonography and endoscopy are all available in one place; allowing us to reach a diagnosis quickly. Our experienced and friendly vets can recommend the best treatment modality (or a combination of both) based on your pet’s clinical signs and history.


Dog breath is normal, right? Think again. Dental care is one of the most important but overlooked aspects of your pet’s health, and can lead to significant illness if not caught early. Bad breath may be a sign of early dental disease, and with prompt treatment can often be fixed without the need for extractions. If your pet’s dental disease has progressed to the point of needing dental extractions, we have the ……….

We use dental radiography to check on the health of your pet’s teeth below the gums, and if extractions are required we place dental nerve blocks to ensure they wake from their general anaesthetic pain-free. Tooth aches are excruciatingly painful for humans, and while our pets may be hide their pain, this is no different for them.

We understand that you are probably not used to examining your pet’s mouth on a regular basis, so feel free to book a free dental check with one of our friendly nurses if you are concerned they may be suffering from dental disease. 

Even with the best home dental care, pets will often need a professional clean from time to time………..

Parasite Prevention

In stock you will find a selection of parasite prevention products, all at reasonable prices.

We will remind you before each treatment is due, so you can get back to your busy schedule and worry about more important things.


Medications for most conditions is kept in stock, and we have to order it in, we can post the medication to your home free of charge.

For any chronic illnesses your pet is diagnosed with, we will send you home with detailed information which includes frequently asked questions about their medication. We don’t want any potential side effects taking you or your pet by surprise, so we will ensure that you are well informed about any medications we recommend for your pet, before our vets prescribe them.

Senior Pet Checks

As the standard of veterinary care in Sydney increases, so does the age of our pets. With increased age comes an increase in the likelihood of your pet developing a chronic illness; and the sooner we diagnose any new diseases, the better the prognosis for your pet.

For all dogs and cats above the age of eight, we recommend annual blood testing to screen for disease. We also offer discounted consultations and a complementary annual blood test for members of our Wellness Plans (hyperlink to senior pets section of health care) – be sure to check out the ‘Seniors’ package for more information.

Nutritional Advice

Between grain free, vegan, prescription, home-cooked, raw and supermarket pet foods; pet diets can become quite confusing.

Our staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about the suitable diet options for your pet; taking into consideration their age, nutritional requirements and medical recommendations. 

As humans we are well aware of the negative impact of a lifetime of eating fast food, but many of us fail to recognise the long term negative health impact of poor quality diets on the health of our pets. We understand that their needs will often change as they age, and we will reassess this at each visit to determine whether a more suitable diet is available.

Behavioural Advice

If you have noticed any changes in your pet’s behaviour, or if you simply want to ensure that they mature into a calm, well socialised adult; we can help. 

In most cases we recommend starting with a nurse consultation to assess the best approach suited to their individual circumstances, but if you have noticed a concerning behaviour we recommend booking a behavioural consultation with one of our experienced vets so that we can assess formulate a plan as soon as possible!

Pet Store

We stock a wide variety of health products, supplements, food and toys for your pet.

Whether we have recommended a product to treat a specific condition, or if you are simply looking to spoil your pet, be sure to check out the products we have in stock.

Online store coming soon – be sure to check back regularly for any updates!

Cat Boarding

Our cat boarding facilities come fully equipped with all the comfort and entertainment they require during their stay.

Each boarding space comes with separate eating, toilet and sleeping/hiding areas; ensuring they do not feel cramped or stressed. This is supplemented with play time, where boarders are given time daily to play and roam freely in the recreation area individually.

We cater for any special diets or medications, as our staff are all trained to administer their respective medications while monitoring closely for any changes in their behaviour.